How To Speak To Your Doctor If You’re Anxious

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Speaking to a doctor is not always easy. This may particularly be the case if you’re feeling anxious. The good news is that you can make things easier on yourself. Knowing that your doctor has empathy for you and wants to help is a start. Following the tips below can also be hugely beneficial to you.

Make A Note Of What You Want To Say

Before your appointment, make a note of what you want to say to your doctor. This can help you to feel more relaxed.

When you have everything written down you’re more likely to cover those all-important topics.

Your doctor will not mind that you have made a note as they just want to help you. This is just one way that doctors can show empathy to their patients, as discussed here.

Tell Your Doctor You’re Feeling Anxious

Many patients will be anxious about seeing their doctor. This is perfectly normal. However, if you’re feeling very anxious, please tell your doctor. If you do, it could:

  • Encourage your doctor to pay more attention to what you’re saying
  • Help them to understand how you are feeling
  • Encourage them to offer you a more personalized level of support
  • Help them to put you at ease a little or a lot

There’s no shame in admitting that you’re anxious. It’s likely that your doctor would rather know that you’re feeling anxious.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Please always feel free to ask your doctor any questions that you may have. Doing so can help you and it can help them to provide the right level of care for you.

Be Honest With Your Doctor

Always be honest with your doctor, even if doing so makes you uncomfortable. When you’re honest you could get the health solutions that you need.

It’s always worth mentioning the following to your doctor

  • Whether you take any recreational drugs
  • If you consume a lot of alcohol
  • If you self-harm

It’s worth you mentioning anything that you think may have an impact on the care they provide. Your doctor only wants to help you. Being honest with them can help to relieve your anxiety.

Ask Someone To Attend Your Appointment With You

If you’re feeling very uncomfortable about seeing your doctor ask someone to go with you.

Most doctors don’t mind if you bring someone to the appointment with you.

They will understand that you may need some support from someone.

They may also understand if you need someone to help you to remember what was said at the appointment.

Remember That Your Doctor Is Human

A lot of people fail to remember that their doctor is human. Your doctor has their own troubles and concerns and may feel just as anxious as you do. However, they have been trained to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Use the above tips to help you speak to your doctor if you’re anxious. They could help your next appointment to be a much easier one.