How Sedentary Workers Can Improve Their Health

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Because a large chunk of the population works in front of a computer, they lead mostly sedentary lives. A sedentary lifestyle can be very bad for one’s health. In fact, scientific studies have found that people who sit down for more than eight hours a day are significantly more likely to die young than people who don’t. Even if you exercise after work, the human body is not designed for sitting down for prolonged periods of time. It needs to be moved around, exercised, and used.

In this post, you will find out how sedentary workers can improve their health:

Blue Light Glasses

A lack of exercise isn’t the only threat that’s posed to sedentary workers. Constant exposure to blue light (which is emitted by laptops and phones) can also be hazardous to their health. Thankfully, there is a solution to blue light exposure, and that’s wearing blue light glasses whenever you are using a device that has a screen. According to the eyewear specialists from blockbluelight.co.uk, wearing these glasses could potentially improve your sleep. The reason that blue light glasses can improve your sleep is that blue light stimulates the brain, and most people use their phones and laptops in bed. Wearing these glasses will prevent your brain from being overstimulated when you go to bed, in addition to protecting you from eye strain and the symptoms that accompany it, like headaches and nausea.

Standing Desk

Investing in a standing desk could be one of the best decisions that you make for your health because they can significantly reduce the harm that’s caused to the human body by prolonged periods of using computers. Instead of sitting down, you stand up to use your computer. Because your muscles are engaged when you are standing, your body isn’t harmed. In fact, standing desks can actually help you to build muscles in your legs. If you work in an office building that’s owned by somebody else, then you will probably need your manager’s permission before you can install a standing desk. It should not be a problem if it is for health reasons.

Exercise Breaks

If you are working in an office and your manager won’t give you permission to install a standing desk then make sure to take regular exercise breaks. You don’t need to go out for a run or anything, you can just take a trip to the bathroom. When you are there or when you are coming back, stretch your muscles, and give yourself a little breather. If your boss has forbidden you to install a standing desk, then you could just stand up at your ordinary desk. As long as you aren’t very tall your computer should still be usable.

Healthy Diet

It’s especially important that you eat a healthy diet if you live a sedentary lifestyle. It is very easy to gain weight if you do not exercise or get out much and eat unhealthily. It’s actually easy to gain weight eating healthily and living sedentarily, but it’s harder than it is if you just eat pure junk food. A healthy diet will also help to minimize the harm that’s caused to your body by your lifestyle. Make sure to eat lots of fruit, vegetables, and fish.

Regular Exercise

Outside of work, try to cram in as much exercise as you can (within reason). Make sure that when you are exercising out of work you don’t overdo it. If you overdo it then you could end up injuring yourself, which could result in you having to take time off from exercising, which could then, in turn, result in you having to sit around doing nothing even more. Jogging is a good exercise to take up, though make sure that you’ve got the right footwear otherwise you could injure yourself. You could also sign up for a gym, which you could go to straight after work each day.

Work Gym

In some places, office buildings have built-in gyms. If yours does, then you should try to find time each day to go to your office’s gym. If there is no gym available then you could speak to your manager and try to arrange fitness sessions for staff. If a lot of people lead sedentary lifestyles because of their work at your company, then your manager should be able to organize fitness sessions. In fact, it is their responsibility to organize fitness sessions. If they refuse to then consider taking the issue to senior management.

Sedentary lifestyles are unavoidable nowadays. If you are concerned that your lifestyle has become extremely sedentary, then it’s time to begin exercising, eating better, and getting active. This post’s guidance should be able to help you to do those things.