Spa Day at home: 15 Ideas for DIY Wellness and Self care

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Even if scheduling a spa day at home may not be your top priority right now, it’s totally appropriate to take solace in the predictability of a skincare routine. We may all benefit from taking twenty minutes to illuminate a scented candle or take a bath because doing so has actual stress-relieving advantages.

Applying a face mask or spending money on a muscle-soothing massage to relieve tension from being at your pseudo workplace all day, can be the simplest form of a spa day at home.

You can learn how to pamper yourself at home by following the easy DIYs and professional self-care advice below. Let’s get right to it!


1.      A session of dry brushing.

The most cherished aspect of a spa routine is dry brushing with your Routine Brush for a comprehensive exfoliation. Your skin will get stronger as a result of dry brushing since it promotes collagen formation and enhances blood flow. Just before you enter the shower, do it, and then carry on with your regular routine.

2.      Spend a minute massaging your hands to relax.

Apply Burt’s Bees Hand Cream, which has the scents of honey and lavender, shortly before bed to help your hands relax. Or your other preferred choice. Along with applying the cream, you might also give your hands a short massage.

3.      Select a soft lip balm.

The simplest mask to make is a lip mask; simply choose an extra-hydrating balm and apply a generous amount before bed or whenever your lips are parched.

4.      Make a matcha mask at home.

A matcha mask gives your skin a silky, pillowy softness and enhances capillary walls and circulation. To make it yourself, combine 1 tablespoon olive oil, one and a half tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon matcha or green tea, and one and a half tablespoon water. After 10 minutes of application, rinse it off to experience the hydrating effects.

5.      Purchase a bath bomb.

There is a bath bomb for every need, whether you need something designed for Snapchat or a perfume that will make you want to go outside. They’re typically created with ingredients that keep your skin feeling really soft. Additionally, the fragrances really do smell like a posh spa.

6.      Put bath salts on your feet to soak.

You’ll enjoy Asutra’s Therapeutic Foot Soak for easing pain and treating calluses. The  best part? In order to remove dead skin like they do at salons, the soak includes a pumice stone.

7.      Use a brief peel to get rid of pimples.

A weekly facial is a fantastic approach to keep your skin healthy and give yourself a boost of benefits for skin-smoothing and brightening. Peels that exfoliate the skin might help you choose your preferred product, particularly if you have acne.

8.      To provide more moisture, try a cream mask.

Cream masks become your best buddy if you have dry spots but no outbreaks. Since the major purpose of cream masks is to deliver oil-based hydration, it is recommended to apply them for skin types with dry skin. Most importantly, it’s simple to use.

9.      Use moisture pads with one step.

The Lazy Day All-in-One Moisture Pads are created for your extremely hectic or strenuous days. Toner, serum, and moisturizer are all included in each presoaked round, so you just need to swipe once. Your amazingly-hydrated skin will have that post-facial glow if you let them sit in for fifteen mins, remove them, and pat them in.


10.  Perform a lymphatic body massage before or after the shower.

If you’ve ever received a lymphatic drainage massage, you are aware of how soothing the experience is. Gently massage your torso up toward your collarbones and away from your extremities to encourage this drainage. Simply incorporate it into your shower rituals.

11.  Establish a cleansing and exfoliating routine.

Cleansing is always the first step in a facial, so when you add exfoliation once or twice a week to this routine, you’ll be well on your way to glowing skin. This way, by removing the top layer of dead skin, products can better penetrate the skin and make it appear brighter.

12.  serum and sheet mask together.

The sheet mask and serum pairing is another potent combination you’ll adore, as demonstrated by Garnier’s SkinActive Sheet Masks, which are incredible because they come with a half-bottle of hydrating serum to deeply hydrate your skin. To really fill up your skin, apply a hyaluronic acid serum after masking.

13.  Take serious care of your hands.

Make sure to recline  your hands with a hand mask in addition to hand creams. Your cuticles may become more comfortable as a result, and your hands may appear more polished. You can use any favorite mask for the purpose.

14.  Consider adding a scalp and hair treatment to your shampoo.

Include an additional scalp treatment in your shower process to transform it from a routine into a peaceful ritual. Both your scalp and hair ends should be covered in a nourishing oil. You can shower or rinse them off after 20 minutes of leaving them on. Your hair is refreshed and lustrous after using it.

15.  From head to toe, scrub.

We’ve already talked about facial exfoliants, but you may also use them on the rest of your body. Utilize an exfoliating product that truly makes you want to brush away dead skin cells from your entire body. This chic version from Clarins, which contains a lot of bamboo powder, may appeal to you. Try to apply additional oil after getting out of the shower to lock in moisture.