Useful Tips For Men With a Receding Hairline: How to Improve Your Hair Health

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Every second man faces the problem of a receding hairline at some point in his life, usually after his forties. However, there are men who have this problem in their twenties, and in rare cases, even earlier.

You must have always wondered why some men get such thin hair while others still have lush and strong hair. The answer lies in genetics. But a receding hairline in men can be an easily solvable problem. With the right preparations and the right choice of hair shampoo, you can prevent hair thinning and allow your hair to be lush and strong again.

We reveal to you how to prevent hair loss and receding hairline! Don’t worry, all is not lost, nor will it be. Instead of resigning yourself to losing your hair, why not just try these tactics? Keep reading and you will be relieved.

Use Proven Hair Products

Quality natural hair shampoo is a much better option than any medical remedy. They are completely harmless, natural, and mild and cannot harm you in any way.

So, before the condition gets serious and medical drugs and treatments become necessary, try a good natural hair shampoo that contains nettle, natural oils, witch hazel, yarrow, and similar ingredients. Two drugs have been used for a long time to fight male pattern hair loss, and they are made of finasteride and minoxidil. Apart from tablets, you can also find sprays based on them.

Avoid sulfates and parabens, as well as styling your hair with oils that are not 100% natural. Such products harm the skin by treating dandruff or excess sebum. At the same time, they lead to clogging of the pores, hindering the growth of new hair.

Hair Treatments

In addition to standard anti-hair loss medications, there are various treatments available today that help with this condition.

The following list contains some of them that have shown good results in this case:

  • PRP treatment is known as a treatment for male pattern baldness. The treatment involves separating the plasma from your previously drawn blood and injecting it into your scalp. The treatment is not painful, and the only inconvenience is the blood draw. It is very effective and no adverse reactions have been observed.
  • Hair carboxytherapy is the process of injecting CO2 gas under the skin. Carbon dioxide has shown excellent properties because it “forces” red blood cells to transfer substances faster and more oxygen, which is extremely important for hair growth.
  • Photobiostimulation is a new technology for encouraging hair growth from the roots with the help of special infrared light emitted by a device intended for photobiostimulation. These phenomenal rays regenerate cells and accelerate the circulation of substances between them.
  • A hair laser provides the hair with the light energy it needs. The laser beams stimulate the cells while working to restore the hair.
  • Hair mesotherapy is a treatment that consists of accelerating certain substances into the epithelium of the scalp with the help of special tools with needles.

Change Your Diet

Recently, data published by nutritionists, biochemists, and endocrinologists indicates that the health of the scalp and hair may depend on your diet. If you eat well, your scalp and hair will be healthy for longer.

In short, some ingredients, such as sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil, brewer’s yeast, soy lecithin, and other powerful natural foods, are your hair’s best friends. On the other hand, sugar, starch, and salt don’t do your hair any good – this applies equally to men and women.

All additional foods that you consume before, between, or after meals should be taken together with fruit juice or in any other way. Drink carrot juice whenever you can.

Stay Away From the Sun and Cigarettes

The sun’s rays during the summer can be very harmful to your hair. They additionally dry out the hair, split ends appear, and damaged hair eventually becomes unhealthy and begins to fall out. As much as possible, protect your hair while in the sun, e.g. with a hat.

Some studies have made a direct connection between smoking and male pattern baldness. Not to mention how bad smoking is for your overall health. 

Hair loss in men should not be as traumatic as it seems at first glance. Besides, it shouldn’t affect their level of self-confidence, because there is a solution after all. It is important to discover the cause that led to hair loss so that the consequences can be remedied more easily. In any case, our recommendation is to act preventively by using adequate preparations so that you do not have a problem with hair loss.