Don a diabetic patient writes…

“I  read the book Prescription for Maximum Savings and
found it to be very informative and interesting.  I didn’t really think it would be as interesting as it was.  Jason did a great job in laying a foundation about prescription drugs and paths to follow to obtain more information about specific drugs. 

The steps given and options to review have been very helpful and reduced my yearly costs by over $1885!  I was able to eliminate three drugs and based on the journaling I now do, my doctor and I believe we can eliminate another one soon!

I hope others find out about this book and use it to save.  It is worth so much more than the cost of the book.  I would rate it 6 stars out of 5!”

Shannon a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient says….

“I was using a manufacturer coupon and thought I had it all figured out.  My expensive injection drug was only $25 per month, which I could handle.  After I read this book, I found out the coupon might expire and my insurance may not count the coupon dollars toward my deductible.  

I was shocked…. I called my insurance and sure enough found out that in two months I would be facing a $1500 per month cost until I met my deductible which was $7500.

Had I not known this was coming and worked it out with my doctor, I might not have been able to have Christmas for my kids or worse!  If you take medications you NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!”